Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MAZE Welcomes Leo Group Ltd

MAZE Planning Solutions is pleased to announce a growing working relationship with Halifax-based Leo Group Ltd, a forward-looking recycling business. The company specialises in the collection and processing of animal by-products, industrial and commercial waste. It recently announced the formation of a new business, FOOD2ENERGY, and an intention to pursue other waste-to-energy generation initiatives.

Leo Group is keen to establish positive working relationships with local authorities and play an active part in meeting the objectives of local waste strategies and sustainable energy generation.

MAZE is working with Leo Group to consider short and long-term development issues at locations in Penrith, Braintree Glenrothes, Bradford and Halifax.

Christmas, Wrapped Up............ in July

Christmas 2008 has finally been wrapped up, in July, for Bolton Christmas Trees, with a bit of help from MAZE Planning Solutions.

The annual sale of real trees from a site in Kearsley, Bolton attracted the Council's attention during the festive season. An absence of planning permission led to formal enforcement action and several subsequent months of distinctly unseasonal discussions.

MAZE appealed the enforcement notice, put together a dossier of documents that persuaded the Council to withdraw the notice and halt the appeal, and then successfully pursued a Lawful Development Certificate application to make sure that Christmas 2009 and beyond can pass with a bit less fuss and bother, at least for Kearsley's Christmas tree devotees.