Thursday, 15 October 2015

Recycling with Fresh Start in the North West

We've been working closely with Fresh Start Waste Services in recent months as the business puts in place the physical infrastructure it needs to meet growing demand for recycling.

Fresh Start provides waste collection, management and recycling services to the trade, industrial and commercial sectors, operating throughout Greater Manchester and increasingly the wider North West region.  

Fresh Start is a great example of a proactive, agile recycling business, committed to investing in modern technology to maximise the percentage of waste that can be presented for recycling at the businesses own Materials Recovery Facilities in Swinton and Preston.

At Hilton Square in Swinton, MAZE has just secured planning permission for change of use of two adjacent industrial buildings to create significantly expanded recycling capabilities for the business. 

At MAZE we are acutely aware that having to deal with planning and other regulatory matters is often seen as a distraction by our clients, which takes them away from getting on with core business activities and creating jobs. 

Fresh Start's Managing Director, Craig Lavelle, and his management team were great ambassadors for their business and the waste industry as a whole throughout the planning application process, taking time out to ensure Salford Council had full access to information about the business and its high standards of operation.

The planning permissions will enable Fresh Start to invest confidently in operations at Swinton, continuing the company's commitment to the use of best available technology and exceptional working practices.